Top 10 Reasons for Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Eastern Europe

Many students have been unsuccessful in pursuing medicine or dentistry in their home countries such as UK, Germany, USA. The nature of such courses is highly competitive. Here’s why you should consider studying in Europe:

The course is taught entirely in English, with a foreign language class taught a few hours per week to help you fit in to the country and culture. The foreign language class can assist you when you communicate with the local people or with your patients, as well as when interacting in typical every situations with your new international friends.

You will be studying medicine or dentistry at some of the best universities in Europe. Even if your grades are not the best, you can still get accepted into some world class university as many Medical Faculties in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and many more allow some flexibility with grade requirements. Universities will not disregard your application and will individually look at your overall performance to give you a chance. Medical Schools in Europe want you to be able to puruse your dream so they’ll give you a chance to study. It then depends on you to keep up with medical school and show them what you’re worth.

You’ll be studying medicine or dentistry at some of the largest medical campuses worldwide and largest teaching hospitals in Europe. The universities are all surrounded by very reputable teaching hospitals with many specialties and specialists. Some universities have specific centers like a military hospital or private hospitals with up to date technology, methodology and equipment.

Thousands of UK students are opting for studying medicine in Europe. The international community of students from the UK and Germany and other countries is amazing! There are many students who were in your shoes and managed to pursue their dream career abroad, and so should you.

Europe is alive, beautiful and safe, you’ll experience a true culturally rich experience.

You’ll have an exciting additional option, as opposed to the limited four university options that UCAS in the UK allows you. You can apply to as many medical universities in Europe as you like – your options are limitless. Apply to each university with its procedures and have an unlimited option of universities to choose from.

Annual Tuition fees begin from €3000 per year. The tuition is paid in one or two instalments every year. Usually, non-EU applicants must pay the tuition upfront before applying for the visa

Living expenses are very low, you can live very comfortably on under €300 per month. Living costs are fantastic and you will love living like a king with such a small amount of money. A Euro or Pound is twice or sometimes thrice as strong as the local currency making everything super cheap.

This will be a great back-up option and your safety net incase you are not accepted into medicine back home. Don’t risk losing out on a year of your life because of medical school decided to not accept you, because you’re not the best of the best of the best!

Medical Lab Technician Course

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The lab technicians assist doctors indirectly but in a very important manner. The reports that lab technicians prepare is helpful to the doctors and after they analyse they create the treatment plan according to it. The laboratory tests are conducted to confirm the presence of a disease. Often requested by the doctors themselves. Post carefully looking at the proper investigation done in the medical lab technology, the doctor proceeds with the treatment or the patient goes to a specialized doctor for an advanced recovery.

What is the role of an MLT?

An MLT handles the testing that is done. It ranges from blood tests, tissues and other bodily substance samples. They perform tests based on the results behind-the-scenes and attempt to find a cure for all the diseases, report potentially life-saving findings. This work does not employ research like lab researchers but this requires a lot of meticulous work.

They draw blood samples and assess chemical makeup of urine which essential to treat a lot of diseases. They must also be aware of how to use the complicated lab equipment, how it set it up and how to keep it sanitized at all times. The equipment is the most important to complete the job and therefore it is necessary that the technician is well aware of every instrument.

It is also important that the laboratory technician does their work effortlessly and painlessly. Nobody likes a technician who doesn’t know how to draw blood.

What are the education requirements of a medical lab technician?

Lab technicians work in diagnostic labs and typically require a bachelor’s degree. But every clinic, hospital and other medical facilities may have different qualification requirements. The course for MLT requires you to be 12th pass. It is a two-year course. They, however, need to have a speciality like immunology, genetics etc. At some times, the lab technicians need to draw blood on themselves. These works require mental and physical stamina as it may demand long working hours.

A key trait that the lab technician must possess is the dexterity of hands. The keen eye for details is a must, a lot of times the job requires the technician to look under the microscope and no detail must be spared. The detailed look at the sample is essential to come up with a diagnosis of the disease. It is important to know how and what every sample entails.

Medical lab technicians also require to move to the samples and so they require a good, firm grip and accurate movements to ensure that the samples do not fall or taint.

The medical lab technician course

The course of a medical technician requires you to study subjects like blood banking, clinical biochemistry, general pharmacology, systematic medical microbiology, infection control, fine needle aspiration technique, storage and transportation of sample, managing special samples, basic pathology and diagnostic technique, maintenance and cleaning of lab equipment, NABL training and quality control, material and supply chain management, and others.

This course is of two years and requires the student to be a 12 pass as a minimum requirement. However, affording this course can be a problem.

Many people may think that the medical lab technician course might not be-be as preferred and reputed profession like doctors or surgeons, but it is a very important, up and coming field. Without lab technicians, it is impossible for doctors to go about their daily functioning. The idea of the curriculum is to make the trainee make them know the importance of the field and it is often accompanied by a six-month on-job training. The training equips the medical lab technician to know how to do their job.

Home Health Aide Course

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The home healthcare market in India is currently estimated to be 2 billion to 4 billion dollars a year opportunity.

What is the role of a home health aide?

Provide basic personal care especially for elderly and paralyzed patients in home settings
Provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming of patient
Monitor or report changes in health status of the patient
Help patients in their daily tasks and prescribed exercises
Administer prescribed medication on time
Maintain a safe environment for the patient

The home health aide (HHA) main role is to take care of all needs of the patients and ensuring that their comfort and needs. People opt for such treatment plan looking at their convenience, logistics and as an economical option. It is a noble profession where you get the benefit of having a homely environment. The people who usually opt for HHA are the ageing population. Since there is also an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the need for better quality post-operative and primary care, people seek the help of HHA, so that the patient can get 24×7 care while staying the comforts of their homes and with their family.

It is important to create a good rapport with both the patient and their family to be able to have a functioning relationship with them as the HHA has to spend maximum time. The HHA has to facilitate the patient and provide personal care like bathing, dressing and grooming of the patient. If the patient requires, the HHA has to help in their daily exercising and some of the daily tasks as well.

What are the minimum qualifications for applying to the HHA course?

Even though the minimum education qualification to become a home health is eight standard pass, however, it is important that you are able to study all the relevant subjects. In the course, you will be required to study the basic human anatomy and physiology, a subject that would be helpful in your practical experience. The students will also be taught about medical waste and how it should be properly disposed of. The duration of the course is usually of 4 months.

The course curriculum covers the following topics:

Basic human anatomy & physiology
General health & hygiene
Understanding a patient’s needs
Special skin care for pressure sores
Caring for the visually impaired
Role of a patient care assistant
Daily care of a patient
Bathing a patient
Feeding a patient
Administering drugs as per prescriptions
Basic nursing skills
Disposal of medical waste
Understanding body mechanics
Patient handling, lifting, and moving patients
Fall prevention care and restraints
Emergency first aid
Communication with patients and their careers

You must have a good adaptability at a familial setup and be keen to learn various medical subjects in a short span of time.

Scope in India

The scope of HHA in India is currently growing. Due to the change in the demography, currently, the population above the age of 60 is rapidly increasing, which is more than 300 million people. With ailments and diseases, the older population at times finds it more comfortable to stay at home and since the family members may not always be available or adept in fully taking care of the patients, people seek help from HHAs. At times, in Tier II and Tier III cities the hospital facilities are not at par or affordable, they have a huge demand.

What are some of the drawbacks of the profession?

HHAs have become an integral part of the healthcare industry. However, there is still a lack of governmental recognition. Many hospitals are urging the government to recognise the service and profession of HHAs like the Western countries have adopted. Even though hospital accreditation is increasing, this has not necessarily translated to the home health aide industry, they are still under the purview of hospitals.

The home healthcare is a rising industry as it been seen as a very attractive option by over 300 million people. With the rise in the number of old people in the population and a drastic rise in the working population, more people are opting for this service. It is a noble profession and you get to help a person who needs medical attention as well as help to carry out even the simplest of tasks. Hospital chains, family physicians and even government-run primary health care centres are beginning to add the home health aide service in their treatment plans. You can become part of a bigger and better health care provider and work in a homely setup. Portea Medical, a Bangalore-based home health care firm is one example of firms that cater to and employ home health aides.

DGCA Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Training Program

With the opening of the skies, the number of aircraft have multiplied manifold and along with it the need for their maintenance. Aviation Technician Career or AME has emerged as one of the most attractive career options for students after schooling in science.

To enter the career, one of the highly recommended ways is to undergo AME training that is a three-year license program directly authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the sole person responsible for maintaining and also to authorize the Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC) to declare its fly worthiness, it is a very exciting career with enormous responsibilities. AME CET 2018 is mandated as a national level common entrance test for gaining admission into aircraft maintenance course.

As Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is mainly responsible for the safety, and maintenance of an aircraft, the scope, and salary of AME are admirable in most cities of the world. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a licensing program and it is advisable to gain admission into the institutes approved by DGCA.

Need For DGCA Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Training Program

The profession of Aircraft maintenance or the career of Maintenance Technician requires extreme expertise and focused knowledge in diverse disciplines to ensure perfect maintenance of a hugely complex aircraft. The need to search for reputed aviation institute of maintenance or universities is imperative for aspirants that will not only grant degrees for engineering course in this stream but also the practical hands-on knowledge to make them students well equipped to take on this enormous responsibility of passengers safety.

The aviation industry hence has courses that conform to the rigorous training guidelines. Aircraft Maintenance engineering institutes approved by DGCA are vital in gaining access to the exciting career.

Examination For AME Licence

Successfully passing the AME Course or aircraft maintenance course from AME Colleges is critical as to obtain the AME LICENSE, candidates have to undergo a tough exam.

The Examination for AME License comprises written papers to test the theoretical skills largely in technical subjects, subsequently followed by a skill test. This is basically an oral cum practical test. Conceptualized in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations, the student is made to demonstrate thorough theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, to get different license types, the candidate needs to clear different examination modules. CAR 66 provides comprehensive information on different modules needed to pass to obtain the required license.

Training For AME

The AME training institutes with DGCA authorization impart training to obtain Basic license/certificate (BAMEL/BAMEC). The course usually has two main parts and both must conform to DGCA’s regulations as per CAR 147 Basic. These are:

Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) focuses on training CANDIDATES to maintain the aircraft’s airframe, engine/s, electrical & avionics systems.
Category B2 (Avionics) focuses on training aspirants to gain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license for maintaining aircraft’s navigational avionics system.

Top 5 Most Popular NGOs In India

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1.Servants of People Society
The Foundation stone of our Society was laid in 1956 by Dr.Rajendra Prasad, first President of India.
Delhi branch is housed in the same complex, located opposite to Moolchand metro station, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi.
Our first Chairman of the Delhi Branch – Late Shri Sevak Ram Ji started an innovative donation scheme known as “Mushti Dan”. The General public was encouraged to contribute not only cash but in kind by way of their unwanted used items.
Visit the website for more details: Servants of People Society

2.Smile Foundation
Shaped in 2002, the Smile Foundation advances the reason for instruction among underprivileged youngsters. The general population behind the Smile Foundation have visualized kids to be the building squares without bounds and henceforth have created programs going from human services, instruction, employment, ladies strengthening to a framework where special kids can encourage their underprivileged partners.
To refer to a more commonplace case, the honor winning narrative “I am Kalam” that depended on a reason for youngsters was bolstered by the Smile Foundation.
Visit the website for more details: Smile Foundation


Nanhi Kali is a sponsorship venture that was begun by Anand Mahindra in 1996, with the point of breaking the endless loop of neediness in India by instructing the young lady tyke. In association with 21 others NGOs that assistance the Nanhi Kali task to actualize its motivation, each support gives a chose young lady youngster the required scholarly and material help.
You as well, can support the instruction of a young lady kid with just Rs. 2400 or Rs. 3600 multi year and get general reports in regards to her advance. Did you realize that the objective of Project Nanhi Kali is to help training for 1,00,000 young lady kids by this year end?
Visit the website for more details: Nanhi Kali


The majority of you may have found out about the ‘Delight of Giving Week’ festivities that discover national scope in the Indian media every year. This seven day stretch of giving is facilitated by GiveIndia Foundation which doesn’t do hands-on grassroots network work, yet holds an exceptional position among Indian NGOs in light of the fact that. Why? Since it goes about as an on the web and disconnected gift stage for in excess of 200 Indian NGOs that have been examined through the GiveIndia scanner for their straightforwardness and validity in tasks.
On the off chance that you give through GiveIndia, they will let you know precisely where your cash has gone and line it up with an input report. This association for social switch set up by an IIM-A graduate has been the beneficiary of numerous honors for their work in making responsibility in the region of gifts.
Visit the website for more details: Give India


Set up the distance in 1978, HelpAge India has been offering help to India’s relinquished, poor and disconnected elderly people. Among numerous other subordinate capacities to help the dark populace of India, HelpAge India assumes a basic part in affecting strategy change for the elderly in governments and giving passionate and material help to the relinquished elderly.
From opening physiotherapy focuses to supporting waterfall tasks, from giving help lines to the elderly to enable them to comprehend and battle for their rights, HelpAge India has made some amazing progress. Did you realize that this NGO additionally speaks to its motivation in the National Planning Commission of India?
Visit the website for more details: HelpAge India

Coastal and Waterfront Property Investments

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