Medical Lab Technician Course

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The lab technicians assist doctors indirectly but in a very important manner. The reports that lab technicians prepare is helpful to the doctors and after they analyse they create the treatment plan according to it. The laboratory tests are conducted to confirm the presence of a disease. Often requested by the doctors themselves. Post carefully looking at the proper investigation done in the medical lab technology, the doctor proceeds with the treatment or the patient goes to a specialized doctor for an advanced recovery.

What is the role of an MLT?

An MLT handles the testing that is done. It ranges from blood tests, tissues and other bodily substance samples. They perform tests based on the results behind-the-scenes and attempt to find a cure for all the diseases, report potentially life-saving findings. This work does not employ research like lab researchers but this requires a lot of meticulous work.

They draw blood samples and assess chemical makeup of urine which essential to treat a lot of diseases. They must also be aware of how to use the complicated lab equipment, how it set it up and how to keep it sanitized at all times. The equipment is the most important to complete the job and therefore it is necessary that the technician is well aware of every instrument.

It is also important that the laboratory technician does their work effortlessly and painlessly. Nobody likes a technician who doesn’t know how to draw blood.

What are the education requirements of a medical lab technician?

Lab technicians work in diagnostic labs and typically require a bachelor’s degree. But every clinic, hospital and other medical facilities may have different qualification requirements. The course for MLT requires you to be 12th pass. It is a two-year course. They, however, need to have a speciality like immunology, genetics etc. At some times, the lab technicians need to draw blood on themselves. These works require mental and physical stamina as it may demand long working hours.

A key trait that the lab technician must possess is the dexterity of hands. The keen eye for details is a must, a lot of times the job requires the technician to look under the microscope and no detail must be spared. The detailed look at the sample is essential to come up with a diagnosis of the disease. It is important to know how and what every sample entails.

Medical lab technicians also require to move to the samples and so they require a good, firm grip and accurate movements to ensure that the samples do not fall or taint.

The medical lab technician course

The course of a medical technician requires you to study subjects like blood banking, clinical biochemistry, general pharmacology, systematic medical microbiology, infection control, fine needle aspiration technique, storage and transportation of sample, managing special samples, basic pathology and diagnostic technique, maintenance and cleaning of lab equipment, NABL training and quality control, material and supply chain management, and others.

This course is of two years and requires the student to be a 12 pass as a minimum requirement. However, affording this course can be a problem.

Many people may think that the medical lab technician course might not be-be as preferred and reputed profession like doctors or surgeons, but it is a very important, up and coming field. Without lab technicians, it is impossible for doctors to go about their daily functioning. The idea of the curriculum is to make the trainee make them know the importance of the field and it is often accompanied by a six-month on-job training. The training equips the medical lab technician to know how to do their job.